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Hapeville's Annual International Latinx Film Festival

Hapeville is proud to present the works of Latinx filmmakers from around the globe as part of our 2nd Annual International Latinx Film Festival. This event is made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the City of Hapeville, the Academy Theatre, and Fulton County Arts and Culture. This year's films will be screens at the Academy Theatre, located at 599 N. Central Ave in Hapeville, at 5 PM and 8 PM on October 16th, 30th and 31st.

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Director: Francesca Franchini Maestri

Kutrina and her 3 children travel to the Mayan Riviera with the ashes of her mother and grandmother to give them a proper traditional Mayan burial. The nature of this magical land will help Kutrina and her kids give life after death, through the last goodbye to the people they loved so.

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bad dream.jpeg


Director: Camilo Diaz

Here’s to bad dreams being just that-a dream. This spoken word piece writtenand narrated by Colby Hollman (Fear the Walking Dead) is juxtaposed withdocumentary footage and portraiture captured by the filmmakers. Together,they create a visual representation of the black zeitgeist processing theviolence of white supremacy. Impressionistic yet visceral in nature, BadDream is not only a representation of this experience, but a confrontation thatforces viewers to consider their role in the racial structure of America.

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no te olvide.png


Director: Andres Lugo

Women in Mexico are dying.

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Director: Jano Burmester

Filmed in black-and-white 8mm and accompanied by endearing voiceover and an airy piano soundtrack, Marcelita is a touching tribute to the everlasting love shared by an aunt and her nephew.

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Director: Oswaldo Florez

It is often said that there is but a thin veil separating this life and whatever lies beyond. Through the rituals of Mexico’s Día de Muertos tradition, the veil is lifted, creating a portal through space and time. The dead ones are remembered and invited to rejoin their loved ones for a celebration of the circle of life. The Styx Chyx traveled to Mexico to learn more about the origins and modern-day practices of this sacred holiday.

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Director: María Laura Reina

A ten years old girl named Maria does not accept the departure of her older brother, who leaves her under the care of a neighbor in order to find betters opportunities. The girl refuses to say goodbye but soon she will have to face her reality.

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Director: Francesca Franchini Maestri

Miss Arcelia Galván is the leader of one of the Prehispanic Groups dancing in Portal Maya, the main plaza of Playa del Carmen. They dance and play for local people and tourists from all around the world, as this was their way of living. Since the contingency because of Covid-19 started, they were removed and they needed a place to work. They couldn't afford to stay home so they were out to express themselves, dancing in the streets and at red lights for their new outdoor audience.

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Director: María Laura Reina

When an unexpected accident leaves Henrique unconscious, his mother takes him to the emergency hospital. However, she soon will discover that the game of "Fusilao" game, becomes a metaphor of the daily situations in the Venezuelan health system.

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Director: Andres Lugo

An immigration officer helps an undocumented

mother from being found by ICE officers.

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Director: Andres Lugo

The process of pandemic and loss.

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Director: Erika Oregel

An intimate and shocking portrait of an elderly woman and her daughter with cerebral palsy is created.

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Director: Paula Hopf

At that brief time between puberty and adolescence, Ale and her best friend Rubén witness an equally brief phenomenon: the sighting of the comet Velvet among Mexico City's impressive buildings. Their recording of the the celestial body is a glimpse into the fragility of their friendship. Ale and Ruben's encounters become increasingly occasional and their re encounters increasingly stranger. Ale must come to face her own reality, with or without a screen in between.

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i thought.jpeg


Director: Franco Acosta

Graciela is a peasant who leads a solitary life at home. One day, she receives a letter informing her that her husband Fidel has been released after six years in prison. She has waited for him all along. They finally meet again. Fidel is very sorry and wants to rebuild his life with his wife; To achieve this, he will be forced to evoke the event that led him to prison, reopening the wounds that have not yet healed in Graciela.

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Director: Oswaldo Florez

Meet Eder San Miguel Meza, a papier-mâché artist who donates his time, treasure, and talent to his magical hometown of San Andrés Mixquic. Just as he forms his artistic creations, Eder’s tutelage of the town youth sculpts future generations of creators. In this micro-documentary, Eder shares how he found his passion and why he’ll never stop.

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jasmine & rochelle.png


Director: Oswaldo Florez

A personal narrative of what Día de Muertos means to Jasmine, whose return to Mexico after 20 years away leads her to embrace the meaning of the holiday. Daughters of a Belgian father and Australian mother, Jasmine and her sister grew up in Mexico City. Their unique upbringing in a tri-cultural household would shape not only how they participated in Mexican traditions but also how Jasmine would eventually process death.

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Director: Carlos Trujano

Pedro's mom has just died, which sends him go to Luvina in search of Tanilo, who recites the dead's messages in verse. “Hierba mala”, wild to the death, wants his powerful partner and murderer to be avenged, risking the child's life, who, between whispers and bullets, only wishes to accomplish his mother's last will.

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y volvere.png


Director: Edgar Nito

José has his wife Aurora killed for giving birth to a deformed, stillborn child, but
those in charge of killing her make a mistake... Despite surviving, Aurora is pursued

by the ghost of her son and is forced by an old peasant to dig her own grave.

When it seems that Aurora's hell will have no end, a song unleashes her

deepest desires for revenge. 

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Director: Edgar Nito

Two highway robbers who, are fleeing after stealing a shipment of valuables, are forced to take refuge in the former Hacienda de Jaral de Berrios to avoid being captured because one of them is wounded. During their stay in that place they begin to see things out of logical comprehension, which will make them doubt if choosing that place was the worst decision they made.

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el colgado.png


Director: Edgar Nito

The daily routine of a maid will change when she discovers the mystery hidden in an old hotel room.

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Director: Ricardo Castro

After massacring the people of Incarnation, a group of undercover soldiers return to destroy the evidence. Soldier Ezequiel Gallardo drifts away from his platoon and ends up in the town alone, face to face with his own demons.

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Director: Andres Lugo

On the wake of grief and loss, Hideki keeps visiting the ocean

hoping to find his wife. With the help of her son Haruki, Akane

will have to overcome her fears to bring purpose back to her

father and the family.

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Director: Harry Montiel

In a village in Mexico, a family is destroyed by witchcraft; after the death of the mother, they begin to reveal a dark and terrible secret about the origin of the evil.

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Director: Jesus Osvaldo Perez

Everything seemed to indicate that this was going to be a funeral like any other, but an unimportant event made everyone think that something very serious has happened. Everything has an explanation.

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santa clos.jpeg


Director: Laura Zacanni

A long working day, insomnia, a strict wife, a demanding son and a letter to Santa Claus are the main elements causing the inevitable accident that Eduardo, the policeman, committed on Christmas Eve.

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